Some restrictions lifted...

Apr 27, 2020

In response to federal, state and local guidelines, TBSI Neurosurgery, TBSI Imaging and TBSI Physical Therapy are beginning the process of reaching out to patients with the intention of scheduling services based on medical need and other parameters.  

With many of our healthcare partners also doing the same, please understand that all communications are fluid.  We have teams of people working on your behalf with the desire to help expedite your care.   Not all cases and/or services have been authorized to proceed.  We are still subject to the guidelines of facilities and payers as to what is permitted and how that looks. 

We know that the next few weeks are going to be full of questions.  We have been working towards this goal and are prepared to work with you among all of the influencing factors to move forward.

Our TBSI drop box will remain outside for those wishing to drop off their paperwork and/or CDs.  There are also some copies of our new patient paperwork appended to the TBSI drop box in case you find those helpful. 

If you are traveling to our clinic and are scheduled to have a face to face visit, please see our updated policies regarding any physical presence in our offices.  Please find our updated policies here.